“touched by winds, currents and the hesitant beams of sun, ice breaks and floats, eventually becoming water”


Far up in the north the light is different. The landscapes expand to distances that almost feel unreachable – an endless play of tundra, water and ice. Time moves slow. Once they arrive, night and day, darkness and light seem to last for an eternity. Their presence is overbearing, like that of guests who never left and now intrude on your routines. Or, perhaps, it is you who is a guest in their kingdom.




“the time of midnight sun is like no other. all is saturated by softer air and a constant presence of light. and for a while, everything that grows, revels in a modest lushness




“a rare and brief burst of vibrant colour. Just for a moment, rends and oranges surface before the landscape slumbers and surrenders to the thick white of snow




“once the night falls, it stays for a long time. the sun has left for another realm and now only the radiant white of snow guides the way